Nybrogatan 38 - Kvarterskrog & barservering - Restaurang i Stockholm

Nybrogatan 38 – Restaurant in Stockholm!

Nybrogatan 38 - en kvarterskrog

When we think of a perfect dinner, we envision a table adorned with plates and glasses. A little red wine from the main course, a few glasses of grappa, coffee cups. Desserts on the way in, main courses on the way out. High spirits and a lively atmosphere.

A truly great neighborhood restaurant does more than serve food and drinks. It is a focal point in its community – an essential ingredient in a pot that continues to simmer year after year: the building it resides in, the streets that surround it, the guests, the staff, the venue's history, and the stories to be told – when all the pieces are in place, that little something extra is created, which is difficult to put into words.



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Ideal for birthday parties, business dinners or family gatherings. Here we can seat up to eight people.

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