Nybrogatan 38 | Kvarterskrog & Barservering i Stockholm

Kvarterskrog & Barservering

Weekend lunch menu

Saturdays and sundays

10:00 - 15:45

hot and cold SandWicheS

classic praWn Sambo with lemon mayonnaise 189:- CROQUE MADAME WITH Dijon mustard , ham, GRuYèRE , fried eggs and salad 175classic club Sandwich with french fries 175


Salad of praWnS With boiled egg, avocado, aSparaguS, goat cheeSe & baSil 225

egg diSheS from farm hens

egg royal: cold Smoked Salmon, poached egg, Spinach and bleak roe hollandaiSe on farm bread 175egg benedict: Smoked ham, poached egg, Spinach and hollandaiSe on farm bread 165 Poached eggs on farm bread, grilled asparagus , leaf spinach and HOLLANDAISE 165Omelette of the week: please ask us what we have in the omelette this week 185omelette With Jambon de bayonne, gruyère, frieS and green leaf Salad 165

meat diSheS

mixed veal tartar With diJonnaiSe, lemon, caperS, red onion, egg yolk and frieS 205N38's hambuger with parmesan, truffle mayonnaise, bacon, pickled onion, fried shallot and crisp salad 199bookmaker toast on peasant bread with tomato, avocado, horseradish and eggyolk 225

fiSh & shellfish

Toast Skagen: rosted brioche, prawns and bleak roe 215GRATINATED HALF lobster with mixed mushrooms , gruyère , tarragon aioli and fries 235fiSh ´n chipS on WeSt Sea fiSh, lemon, remoulade 179

SWeet ending

BElgian Waffels with stirred berries, maple syryp and vanilla ice cream 109meringue SuiSSe on baked chocolate, banana ice-cream, meringue, CARAMEL Sauce and deep fried banana 99french toast with cinnamon, sugar, strawberry jam and whipped cream 105CHOCOLATE BALL WITH COCONUT 28truffle with dark chocolate 28WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT'S IN YOUR FOOD? ASK YOUR WAITER.


"pick me up" cocktails

Bloody Mary , absolut Vodka, spice mix N:38, tomato juice and lemon 126Mimosa on the rocks, freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne 126Negroni sbagliato, sweet vermouth, campari and prosecco 126

Non Alcoholic

Virgin mary, No Vodka, Spice Mix N:38, tomato juice and lemon 60Bramleys Artisan Apple juice, Sweden 33 cl 65Lemonade from our Bar, choice of ginger, Cranberry or Fresh mint 60A Pitcher of Lemonade from our bar 215Non alcoholic Beer 40Freshly squeezed orange juice 45