Nybrogatan 38

Kvarterskrog & barservering

Lunch menu

Nybrogatan 38

from 11.00–15.00


blackened filet of beef “pelle janzon” on toast with bleek roe, red onions and egg yolk 175 sekegg and anchovy salad on rye bread with pickled onions 149 sek

Main courses

Omelette with Jambon de Bayonne, gruyère, fries and green salad 145 sekweekly special omelette, ask your waiter how we serve the omelette this week 185 sekbeans and lentils cooked with love, tomato, goat cheese and mint yoghurt 175 SEKsmoked salmon with skagen and avocado 175 sekSteamed rainbow trout with trout roe , chopped shrimp , peas, white wine sauce , crunchy bread and brandade 185 sekpoached cod with green lentils , tomato , zucchini , carrot , capers , dill, lemon and lobster broth 199 sekveal Meatballs with cream sauce, mashed potatoes, carrot pickled with blackcurrant and lingonberries 165 sekGrilled entrecote tangy onions, pork belly, mushrooms, truffle aioli and fries 199 seksurf ´n turf with mixed veal tartar, skagen, lobster, fries and tarragon aioli 199 sekmacaroni gratin with gruyere , Grana Padano , fried mushrooms and truffles 175 sekmixed veal tartar with dijonnaise, lemon, capers, red onion, egg yolk and tomato salad, half 125 sek /whole with fries 185 sek


salad with beef, green asparagus, sweet peas, tomatoes, mushrooms, grana padano, Dijon dressing and croutons 189 seksalad of corn-fed chicken, crispy chicken skin, peas, Grana Padano, pumpkin seeds,croutons on rye bread, tomato and aioli 195 sekSalad of prawns with boiled egg, avocado, asparagus, goats cheese & basil 185 sek

Something extra on the side

french fries 35 seksmall salad of tomatoes, basil and red wine vinegar 55 sekgreen leaf salad 35 sektarragon aioli or mayonnaise or Dijonnaise 15 sek


creme bruleé with nougat 80 sekchocolate fondant snickers style, peanuts, fudge, salt caramel ice cream 95 seksorbet of today 55 sekchai ice cream with sweet crumbs 55 sekn 38 's Snickers ball (non- lactose , gluten , sugar ) 65 sekChocolate ball with coconut 28 sektruffle with dark chocolate and pear flavor 28 sek

The daily lunch, varies daily 115 sek

With the daily lunch you always get tasty marinated vegetablesAsk your waiter what we serve todayWANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT'S IN YOUR FOOD? ASK YOUR WAITER.



nV CHateaU fUissÉ CreMant De boUrgogne, boUrgogne franCe 495/99 seknV tenUta Ca bolani proseCCo, friUli italy 495/99 seknV MUMM CorDon roUge CHaMpagne 790/125 seknv Diebolt-Vallois Prestige Brut 890/137 kr


2014 nybrogatan 38 CHarDonnay, langeUDoC franCe 395/99 sek2012 DoMaine faiVely boUrgogne CHarDonnay, BOURGOGNE franCe 375/95 sek2013 j-M broCarD CHablis st Clare Vielles Vignes, CHablis franCe 585/146 sek2014 DoMaine De la Capitaine VoUVray seC, loire franCe 485/120 sek2014 borgo san leo garganega, Veneto italy 340/85 sek2014 rabl riesling steinHaUs, kaMptal aUstria 375/94 sek


2014 rabl Zweigelt rosÉ, kaMptal aUstria 375/95 sek


2014 nybrogatan 38 syraH/grenaCHe, langUeDoC franCe 395/99 sek2010 alfiero boffa barbera D ́asti storiCa, pieMonte italy 435/110 ksek2013 Zonin MontepUlCiano D’abrUZZo, abrUZZo italy 340/85 sek2012 toni gelabert negre De sa Colonia, MallorCa spain 620/155 sek2011 DoMaine Virgine tHUneVin, borDeaUx franCe 535/134 sek2012 segHesio sonoMa ZinfanDel, kalifornien Usa 595/150 sek2011 poliZiano in Violas Merlot, tUsCany italy 590/150 sek2013 DoMaine faiVeley boUrgogne pinot noir, bUrgUnDy franCe 525/130 sek

DraUgHt beer

starobrno preMiUM lager, CZeCH repUbliC 40 Cl 64 seksleepy bUllDog, pale ale, sVerige 40 Cl 69 sekoMnipollo leon, belgian pale ale, sweDen 40 Cl 76 sek


Mikkeller k:rlek Vår/soMMar 2015 pale ale, DenMark 33 Cl 65 sekwisby pils, gotlanD sVerige 33 Cl 60 sekfirst frontier to Øl ipa, DenMark 33 Cl 75 sek


apple jUiCe froM karlsHaMns MUsteri 2014, sweDen 37,5 Cl 65 sekfresH sparkling or still water 50 Cl 40 sek