Nybrogatan 38 | Kvarterskrog & Barservering i Stockholm

Kvarterskrog & Barservering

Evening menu Nybrogatan 38


17:00 - 23:00

Small servings

mushroom Mac n‘ cheese topped with truffles 95deep fried feta cheese with lemon 75 snails Provencale 95one piece of cheese with honey glazed apricots and nuts 55Gratinated chèvre cheese with honey, apricots, grapes and roasted nuts 75slider with cheddar cheese, dried tomato, pickled onion and truffle mayonnaise 80fried bacon wrapped dates with pumpkin seeds and goat cheese 70n38's jerk chicken with lime yoghurt 70croquettes of foie gras and confit duck with chestnut cream and breast of duck 85

small tacos

Raw marinated tuna, chili mayonnaise, soy beans and coriander 85VEAL TARTAR, dijonnaise, capers and red onions 75foie gras, macadamia cream, caramelized nuts and sherry glace 115smoked tofucream with avocado, chilimarinated mushroom and Kimchi 85

Hot and cold starters

blackened scallop with fermented garlic aioli, confit egg yolk, samphire and trout roe 145Burrata with MARINATED TOMATO AND BASIL 165blackened fillet of beef “Pelle janzon” on toast with bleak roe, red onions and egg yolk 215CHARCUTERIES with tapenade, fried artichoke and grilled sourdough bread 185Mixed veal tartar with dijonnaise, lemon, capers, red onion, egg yolk and tomato salad 165/205THE LARGE TARTARE IS SERVED WITH french fries

Main courses

Omelette with air dried ham, Italian hard cheese, fries and green salad 165omelette of the week with parsley fried mushrooms, spinach and cheese, FRENCH FRIES AND A GREEN LEAF SALAD 185the weekly vegetarian: baked celeriac with a parsnip purée, italian cheese, hazelnuts and browned butter 185N38’s falafel In khobez bread with green hummus, chili, coriander, pomegranate, kale, spinach and semi-dried tomato 185Grilled tuna WITH watermelon, honey melon, pomegranate, sweet potatoes, avocado, feta cheese and lime yoghurt 225Pappardelle pasta with tomato, cep, musseron, red prawn, garlic, lemon and parsley 225BUTTERFRIED PLAICE ON THE BONE WITH BROWNED BUTTER HOLLANDAISE, TROUT ROE, SLAT BAKED BEETROOTS AND POTATO PUREÉ 249veal Meatballs with cream sauce, potato purée, pickled cucumber and lingonberries 195Red wine braised ox cheek with parsnip puré, pork, sherry braised onions and smoked porkbelly 235GRILLED BEEFSALAD WITH ROASTED ONIONS, PICKLED ONIONS, MUSHROOMS, CARROTS, CROUTONS, italian hard cheese AND AVOCADO 235VARIATION ON LAMB WITH ROASTED JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE, CONFIT GARLIC AND SALSIFY GRATIN 249Grilled rib eye steak with baked silver onion, dried TOMATO, sauce bearnaise and fries 250truffle filled quail with almond potato-and truffle cream, black trumpet mushroom and sugar peas 250


Crème brûlée 75apple crumble with cardamom ice cream and toasted nuts 95ITALIAN ORANGE MERINGUE with RUMINFUSED CITRUS FRUITS AND CHOCOLATE SORBET 95chocolate fondant with pickled cherries, cherry sorbet, lingonberry and star anise 105sorbet or ice cream of the day with sweet crumbles 55 chocolate ball rolled in coco flakes 35truffle of dark chocolate 35one piece of cheese with honey glazed apricots and nuts 55WANT TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT'S IN YOUR FOOD? ASK YOUR WAITER.