Nybrogatan 38 | Kvarterskrog & Barservering i Stockholm

Kvarterskrog & Barservering

Breakfast menu Nybrogatan 38


07:30 - 10:30

Breakfast servings with a spoon

Greek yoghurt with the kitchen’s muesli, roasted nuts, honey and strawberry jam 65Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit and honey 75chia pudding made with coconut and passion fruit served with kiwi, orange and coconut flakes 80Porridge with milk and apple compote 65Smoothiebowl lactos free yoghurt with acai, lingonberries and blackberries. Autumn pears, banana, cardamom- and honey roasted flaxseeds, homemade nut butter and a yoghurt/lingonberrie granola 85

Fresly baked Croissants

croissant, plain 20freshly baked croissant with your choice of homemade marmalade, stawberry jam or nutella 30grilled croissant with gruyère and smoked ham 45

Breakfast servings on small plates

crisp-bread with cream cheese, SLICED EGGS caviar and chives 60crisp-bread with avocado, cottage cheese, watercress and marachachili 75CRISP BREAD WITH cold-smoked salmon, avocado, cream cheese and watercress 85toasted farm style bread with avocado and tomato 70A slice of toasted bread with turkey and sliced avocado 65n38´s rye bread with ham, tomato, cream cheese and pumpkin seed pesto 85American pancakes with fresh fruit and agave syrup 75

Breakfast servings with a knife and fork

a boiled egg with kaviar -20 sek or a fried egg 20scrambled eggs 60scrambled eggs with bacon 85_scrambled eggs with truffle 95Omelette with creamed mushrooms 75Omelette with gruyère cheese, smoked ham and tomato 85 omelette with Mozzarella, tomato and basil 75omelette with cold-smoked salmon, cream chees and spinach 75

side orders

Orange 25Honey melon 25Grapefruit 25a selection of Fresh fruit 60avocado half 20/ whole 35Want to know exactly what´s in your food? ask your waiter.

Breakfast beverage

Coffee & Tea

Filter coffeeAmericanoEspresso, single or doubleMacchiato, single or doubleCappuccinoCaffe LatteGreen, red or black tea


Freshly squeezed orange juice 45Freshly squeezed weekly special from the kitchen 55 Smoothie -lactose-free cottage cheese, soy beverage and mixed berries 49Want to know exactly what´s in your food? ask your waiter.