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Nybrogatan 38 – Restaurant in Stockholm!


TO NYBROGATAN 38 - the friendly neighborhood restaurant
When we think of a perfect dinner, we see a table cluttered with plates and glasses in front of us. A little red wine from the main course, some glasses with grappa, coffee cups. Desserts on the way in, main courses on the way out. A high-spirited atmosphere. A really good neighborhood restaurant does more than serve food and drinks. It’s a hub in its neighborhood - an obvious ingredient in a pot that continues to boil year after year: The house it is located in, the streets surrounding it, the guests, the staff, the room’s history, and the stories to be told - when all the pieces are in the right place it creates that little extra, which is difficult to put into words.


Are you tired of cooking dinner? Today it is just as natural to order a takeout as it is to cook it yourself. Call us and order what you want from the menu - toast Pelle Janzon, omelette or our classic meatballs – and collect your order on the way home! READ MORE HERE


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Nybrogatan 38 is back!

A bit more well rested and very stoked for a late summer at Nybrogatan 38!
Welcome back to us!


Book our chambre séparée

Ideal for birthday parties, business dinners or family gatherings. Here we can seat up to fourteen people.

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Vi önskar er en härlig sommar!

Hej Kära Gäst!
Vi har sommarstängt fram till den 28 juli. Från den 29 juli har vi öppet ons-tors 11-23 samt fre 11-24. Från den 1 augusti återgår till ordinarie öppettider. Besök gärna någon av våra systerkrogar Bockholmen, Djurgårdsbrunn, Spanjorskan, Meatballs och Österlånggatan 17 som har öppet hela sommaren.